Job opportunity

LMRT is looking to provide mentorship and partnership with graduate from an ACCREDITED IMMIGRATION PRACTITIONER PROGRAMS (IPPs) 

  • LMRT is offering a job opportunity by commission to any graduate (licensed as RCIC or without license). we will provide you with the place to meet your clients, the experience to handle the paperwork.

  • As it is illegal to be paid without being licensed to do so. contracts with clients (retainer agreements) will be under LMRT's name and we will make sure that work is done as it should be done. 

  • If you are licensed and you do not want to work full time and pay rent for an office, spend your time looking for the right information and have the professional support that you need to grant your client a high quality and professional service, LMRT will provide you with all what you need.

  • To contact us please send us your academic transcript (of the immigration program) your CV and we will contact you to do an interview :

  • the interview will be about the immigration program of your client (or the potential one), what are the main eligibility conditions for it, what are the main steps, problems, government fees, application forms, where to send the information and what could be a possible reason for refusal.

  • The percentage of the partnership and mentorship relation will depend on your level in the interview (how many question you could answer, where is the weakness or strength, how much time a person would need to support him …etc.

  • If you did not do the immigration program  you still work with us on a referral based system (10% percent of every application)

  • Starting new business is very difficult and building up new career with no enough resources is a tedious job. academic programs often provide the basic knowledge necessary  to work in the immigration field. But business does not depend only on the academic part. 

Send us your resume to the address : and we will contact you.

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