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Refugee Lawyer  Toronto

If you are an asylum seeker in search of a professional refugee lawyer in Toronto, look no further!

LMRT Immigration is the only immigration service in Toronto that has a 100% refund policy. If we can’t get your asylum claim approved, you’ll get a full refund.

Our bold refund policy is informed by the fact that we have an experienced team of immigration experts composed of refugee attorneys and counselors in Toronto with an impeccable record of successfully appealing rejected asylum claims and handling other immigration issues.

Most importantly, all of our consultants are authorized CICC representatives (College of Immigration & Citizenship Consultants). 

Book a FREE initial consultation to talk to an expert refugee lawyer in Toronto.

Our Refugee Lawyer Services in Toronto 

LMRT Immigration’s main refugee lawyer services in Toronto cover the following;

1. Inland Refugee Claims

Asylum seekers are persons who've fled/been forced to leave their own country of citizenship/residence due to well-founded fear/risk of persecution or serious human rights violations.

Canada has a special program called the In-Canada Asylum Program, specifically meant for asylum seekers physically present in Canada.

If you have fled/been forced to flee your country of citizenship/residence and you’ve found your way to Canada, via border crossings like Roxham Road, Buffalo border, or other crossings, we can handle your Inland refugee claim.

Our refugee lawyers in Toronto can help you launch a claim and secure permanent residency in Toronto, among other areas.

Immigration consultant in Vancouver ready to act

Who can launch an inland refugee claim in Canada?

Persons who simply need protection inside Canada can launch inland refugee claims when physically present in Canada.

Asylum Seekers flee or are forced to flee their countries due to well-founded fear of being persecuted because of their religion, political opinions, race, nationality, or membership in certain social groups (i.e., women or LGBTQ people). Canada also grants protection to persons that face the risk of torture, unusual punishment, or even death.

The process of launching an inland refugee claim successfully entails several aspects:

  • As mentioned, beside being physically inside Canada (or at a port of entry), you need well-founded reasons backing your fear of persecution. You also need to complete a detailed application correctly and undergo other processes like presenting your medical exam (if required) and having your personal details taken.

  • You’ll also need to fill in your Refugee Protection Claimant document and prepare for your case to be heard.

  • Information presented through this entire process, including the hearing, determines if your claim is approved or not.

In a nutshell, you need an expert refugee lawyer guiding you through every step of the way to boost your chances. That’s what you get at LMRT Immigration. Dealing with us ensures you get the best possible chance of getting permanent residency.

2. Appealing Refugee Claim Decisions

Assuming you’ve already launched a refugee claim unsuccessfully without seeking legal advice or with the help of another immigration service, we can help you appeal such a decision. We offer assistance on appeals at RAD (Refugee Appeal Division) on factual or legal grounds. We deal with many clients who have been unsuccessful with their refugee claims.

Understanding the refugee appeals process is not easy and it shouldn’t be attempted on your own. It requires years of experience, so allow us to be your ally in this appeal process. 

Our refugee lawyer service in Toronto includes legal support and representation throughout the entire refugee claim appeal process in front of all agencies from the IRCC (Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada) to the Immigration & Refugee Board (IRB) and CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency).

We’ll handle everything from preparing your Basis of Claim (BOC) form and handling other paperwork to ensuring the RPD (Refugee Protection Division) is furnished with all the information needed to grant refugee protection.

Our experienced refugee claim attorneys in Toronto go as far as preparing mock trials and being present during your appeal hearing just to maximize your chances of success. Email us:, call +1-438-700-6165, or book a FREE consultation to discover more about this service.

Do You Need to Hire a Refugee Attorney in Toronto to Handle Your Refugee Claim?

City View

Refugee applicants are free to apply themselves. However, applying for Canadian refugee status yourself increases your odds of becoming one of the many refused refugee claimants.

Refugee claims in Canada are declined because of many reasons, from providing unclear evidence of persecution fears to having other alternatives and/or providing a claim that isn't credible.

These reasons can be unclear, but you have the option of appealing to the RAD (Refugee Appeal Division). The appeal process is also complex and short: you must send your notice of appeal within 15 days and then perfect your appeal within 45 days starting the same day you count for the notice of appeal meaning 30 days after the 15 days. Some other complex details make it essential to use a professional service, which is why we recommend you hire a Toronto refugee lawyer from LMRT Immigration, enjoy the added benefit of paying only if you secure your refugee status! 

We recommend you hire a Toronto refugee lawyer from LMRT Immigration and enjoy the added benefit of paying only if you secure your refugee status!

The LMRT Immigration Advantage


Care to know why our refugee lawyer Toronto services stand out? Here are the top reasons;

  • Best refugee lawyers in Toronto. 500+ satisfied clients: Our refugee attorneys are tested and proven to secure refugee status in initial refugee claim applications and appeals. 

  • Legally authorized: We are authorized CICC consultants.

  • Multi-Language: We serve clients from many foreign countries. Our team of refugee attorneys and other immigration experts can speak English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, and other languages.

  • Flexible immigration legal services: We can offer the above services and many other immigration-related services in Toronto. We can handle spousal sponsorships applications, family sponsorships, conjugal partner sponsorships, children sponsorships, and more.

  • 100% refund policy: We are the only Toronto immigration service that promises a full refund if your refugee claim is unsuccessful.

  • Great online support: Book a FREE non-obligatory consultation online with an expert refugee lawyer in Toronto to discover more about our services.

LMRT Immigration is undoubtedly your #1 refugee claim service in Toronto. Don’t risk your chances of starting a new life in Toronto, Canada, by handling refugee claims and appealing refugee claim decisions yourself. Our expert refugee lawyers in Toronto are here to help! Claim your FREE consultation to get the process started. 

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