Inland Refugee Claim - Asylum in Canada


Inland Refugee Claim

Our team is here to support you and represent you through your refugee claim process in front of:

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC

Canada Border Services Agency CBSA

Immigration and Refugee Board IRB.

From the beginning to the end, you will receive special attention from our experts who will handle:

  • preparation of Basis Of Claim from (BOC form)

  • Creation of Canadian Refugee Protection Portal

  • paper work, and narrative.

  • Ensure your personal story is explained and expressed correctly to ensure the decision maker (Refugee Protection Division RPD) gets the needed information to make a decision on your case, and get refugee protection in Canada

  • We will prepare you for the hearing through mock-trials and give you feedback on the areas to improve (if any), 

  • You will have one of our immigration consultants (RCIC) present at the hearing,

  • And more! 

Our knowledgeable and expert team will give you the best chances of approval taking your case as their own.

We are here for you every step of the way. 


 If your case is rejected, there are other ways to tackle and contest the decision, and the LMRT has the knowledge and expertise to deal with a rejection and can increase your chances of approval in the case. 

 LMRT Immigration Services , with its experience and expertise, knows what to do with a rejection and responds appropriately with the shortest deadlines.

Depending on your case, we will proceed with the appropriate application and steps.

Appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division


In the event that your refugee claim is refused, we may contest the decision, if

  • There is a mistake in the decision of law, facts or both. 

*Certain conditions apply

Pre-removal Risk Assessment (PRRA)

When a removal order has been enforced after a refugee claim refusal and you cannot go back to your country due to:

  • Danger of torture

  • Fear risk of persecution

  • Risk to your life or of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment

Once you receive the removal order, we can apply for a PRRA that will suspend the removal order until a decision is reached.

*Certain conditions apply

Humanitarian and Compassionate Reasons (H&C)

This process does not suspend a removal order but it may be processed even if the applicant is not in Canada.

The factors considered for such application involve:

  • Family ties,

  • Best interest of children

  • How settled the applicant is to Canada

  • Repercussions if rejected


*Certain conditions apply

If you would like more information, please contact us for more details. 

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