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Representing refugee claimants

Asylum seekers have a challenging journey coming to Canada. This service assures you don't risk your future and that of your family. LMRT gets it right from the beginning ensuring you don't waste time or risk your chance to reside in Canada.

We help asylum seekers and refugee claimants seek protection from inside Canada. Asylum seekers flee their own countries of residency/citizenship because they may face persecution or serious human rights violations. However, they must go through a legal process to be recognized as refugees.

We handle asylum applications of people who have fled their countries and aren't willing to go back because of fear of being persecuted based on their religion, race, political opinions, or sexual orientation (membership in certain social groups). We also assist people who need protection from risks like torture, cruel/unusual treatment/punishment, and death.

We can handle the entire process of claiming refugee protection in Canada. LMRT can support and represent you through the entire process in front of all the relevant agencies and tribunals, including the IRCC (Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada), Immigration & Refugee Board (IRB), and the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency).

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