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Appeals & Refused Refugee Claimant

This service is for refused refugee claimants – individuals whose refugee claims are denied by the RPD (Refugee protection Division) a division of the IRB (Immigration Refugee Board) for reasons such as lack of a credible claim, unclear evidence of fear of persecution, and availability of alternative places to reside within the country of citizenship. A claim can also be denied if it is discovered that an applicant failed to seek assistance from local authorities when such an option was available.

If you still want to stay in Canada, we can help you appeal. It’s worth noting that individuals who fail to appeal their case successfully must leave Canada. The importance of seeking a professional immigration consultant in Canada can’t, therefore, be overlooked. You need a real expert with a proven track record of handling asylum rejections successfully within strict timelines.


We can appeal the RPD (Refugee Protection Division) decision by targeting errors of law and/or facts in question. We also represent clients at admissibility hearings at the ID (Immigration Division) and handle PRRA (Pre-Removal Risk Assessment) cases for clients.

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